*thank you Julianne Reynolds for the beautiful images.


Yoni is a Hindu word for womb, vagina, or sacred space. In Tantra, the yoni is a representation of Shakti or the Supreme Devi. It is the creative force that gives birth to and moves through the entire Universe. The yoni puja is a ritual to honor and worship Shakti, the Cosmic Mother and is one of the most beautiful and profound tantric rituals. All the energies of creation, maintenance, and destruction originate in the yoni and it is the most sacred place on earth. Therefore, it is the most powerful place to perform puja.

It is a sacred ritual whose origins date back thousands of years and can be performed by using a sculpture, painting, or natural object to represent the yoni and serve as the focus of worship. The ritual can also worship the yoni in her living form, and a woman's body is used to represent the creative power of Shakti.

The most important aspect of a yoni puja is the single-minded attention of the practitioners in their devotion to Shakti. It is this combination of awareness and love that enables the consciousness to become elevated during rituals, along with the deep reverence for the Mother in all her forms.