Shyama puja is a tantric ritual done by worshipping the altar of the heart through the breasts. In Tantric practice it is recognized that a woman's breasts and nipples are the gateway to her heart, and by worshipping these you are nourishing the heart.

Many women feel disconnected from their own body, and don't relate to their breasts. When a woman is connected to the true power that lies here, she is connected to her feminine essence. She listens to her feelings and emotions and she is able to open up and reveal what is inside to the world. Developing a healthy relationship to the breasts through massage, breath, and sensation helps this empowerment to occur. 

There are many reasons a woman can become disconnected from her heart and her feminine essence. Many women never experience having their breasts touched in a way that feels pleasurable and nourishing to them, and just this simple act of reverence and worship can heal a woman's connection to her feminine body. Tantric practices can open the heart and help one to experience a fullness of sensation, lovingness and aliveness within the body.

The simple practice of touching the breasts with love and reverence reminds a woman of the power source living inside her. When a woman feels this, the way she moves, expresses herself, and how she feels about herself in the world are all transformed.